The 61st annual Southern Forest Insect Work Conference is canceled! No meeting will be held in 2020. Don't forget to cancel your hotel reservation!



Dear SFIWC members,

Under normal circumstances we would be busily and happily preparing for our upcoming SFIWC meeting in Lexington June 16-19. But there’s no doubt that the past few weeks have altered our activities, and our lives, in unprecedented ways, and they seem likely to continue changing over the next weeks and months. 


On that note, the SFIWC Executive Committee has voted to cancel the SFIWC 2020 meeting.


I know that many of us have put time and effort into developing the program and symposia and presentations and award nominations and extracurricular activities. We’re all disappointed by the cancellation, but compliance with stay-at-home orders, and the health and safety of our members, is first and foremost. The SFIWC Executive Committee will be discussing how we’ll be handling 2020 award nominations in the coming weeks. SFIWC is protected from financial loss in our hotel contract.


We’ll all miss the buzz of excitement and warm collegiality of SFIWC, but we plan to see you all soon as the current situation subsides. We hope to have the opportunity to host SFIWC 2022 in Lexington, but that remains to be seen. Other meetings may allow us to cross paths before SFIWC resumes in 2022 (ESA in November 2020, SAFEPS in March 2021, NAFIWC in May 2021). In the meantime, stay separate and stay healthy!


I hope everyone is well and weathering the new normal in good health and good spirits.





Lynne Rieske-Kinney, SFIWC Chair, and the SFIWC Executive Committee (JT Vogt, Chandler Barton, Jess Hartshorn, and Will Shepherd)