Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Southern Forest Insect Work Conference.

Article II – Objectives

The objectives of the Conference are (1) to advance the science and practice of forest entomology, (2) to provide a medium of exchange of professional thought, and (3) to serve as a clearing house for technical information on forest insect problems of the southern United States.

Article III – Membership

Membership in this Conference shall consist of forest entomologists and others interested in the field of professional forest entomology. Official voting members shall be those who pay registration fees and shall be entitled to vote at those conferences for which they have registered.

Article IV – Officers and Duties

The officers of the Conference shall be:

(1) A Chairman to serve for a period of two successive years, whose duties shall be to call and preside at meetings and to provide leadership in carrying out other functions of this Conference, and to represent the Conference in other ways the Conference membership shall deem appropriate during his period in office. The senior counselor will act on behalf of the chairman in the absence of the chairman. The Chairman will confer with the executive committee on his appointment of the program chairman each year.

(2) A Secretary-Treasurer to act for an indefinite period or until relieved by resignation or new election; whose duties shall be to keep a record of membership, business transacted by the Conference, funds collected and disbursed and to send out notices and reports.

(3) An Executive Committee of six members, consisting of the Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and three counselors elected from the membership. Terms of office for the three counselors shall be staggered and for a period of three years each so that one new counselor representative is elected each year. The duties of this Committee shall be to carry out actions authorized by the Conference; to determine the amount of funds needed to finance operations and to set appropriate registration fees or dues; to authorize expenditures of funds; and to establish policies and procedures for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the conference.

The officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. Their periods of office shall begin immediately following their election.

Article V – Meetings

The objectives of the Conference may be reached by the holding of at least an annual meeting and such other meetings as the Chairman, with the consent of the Executive Committee, may call. The place and date of the annual meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee after considering any action, invitation or recommendation of the Conference as a whole. The Secretary-Treasurer shall advise members of the date and place of meetings at least three months in advance.

Article VI – Proceedings

A record of the proceedings of meetings shall be maintained and copies provided to members in such form as may be decided appropriated and feasible by the Executive Committee.

Article VII – Amendments

Amendments to the Guidelines may be made by a two-thirds vote of the total Conference membership attending any annual meeting.


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1973 & 1975 Guideline Revisions