The Southern Forest Insect Work Conference (SFIWC) was organized by federal, state, university and private sector forest entomologists working in the southern United States and has met annually since 1956. SFIWC objectives are: 1) to advance the science and practice of forest entomology, 2) to provide a medium of exchange of professional thought, and 3) to serve as a clearing house for technical information on forest insect problems of the southern United States. Yates (H.O. Yates III. 1982. J. Ga Entomol. Soc. 17, Suppl. 1. 24p.) provides a review of SFIWC bylaws, activities and meetings. In 1992, the SFIWC was given the designation of The Southern Extension and Research Activity-Information Exchange Group-12 (SERA-IEG-12) by the Southern Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Directors to emphasize and foster cooperation and information exchange between forest entomologists by allowing and encouraging University personnel to actively participate in SFIWC activities.